🌿 Dual crowdfunding initiatives for sustainable agriculture in Madagascar

🚀 Launching Our Second Crowdfunding Campaign! After initiating our first campaign to fund the creation of a research laboratory to study the effectiveness of nitrified urine as a fertilizer, we are launching a crucial second campaign on Crowdify: “From Urine to Abundance.”

🌱 First Campaign: Still Active! We have only raised €130 towards our €25,000 goal. This long-term campaign (6 months) is crucial for developing our scientific and technical foundation: https://fundrazr.com/EcoFertilys-Madagascar

🔄 Second Campaign: Urgent Support Needed!

1 — Waste Collection: Setting up a network for plant waste.

2 — Compost Manufacturing: Transforming waste into rich compost.

3 — Urine Nitrification: Biotechnological process to enrich urine.

4 — Large-Scale Production: Rolling out our sustainable solution in the field.

⌛ Act Now! Our second campaign is more urgent, lasting only 50 days, to implement these critical steps. Your support is essential for revolutionizing sustainable agriculture in Madagascar.

Support our new campaign here: https://www.crowdify.net/en/project/from-urine-to-abundance